New Technology Frontiers

SBM Offshore consistently wins industry awards for its technology. 

Read more about how our dedication to technological advancement is making a difference.

New Territories Proven Solutions

SBM Offshore believes in doing business that benefits our clients, our employees, our shareholders and society in general.

Read more about how we contribute to local and national development through meeting and exceeding local content requirements.

Offshore Fleet Operations

Clients expect the highest level of productivity from our FPSOs and other floating production units.  

Read more about how our dedicated teams around the world ensure that client objectives are met.

Cost & Schedule Assurance

Two key issues that are guaranteed to shatter any hope of ensuring a satisfied client are delayed first oil and cost overruns.

Read more about how we work to ensure that our clients’ projects run on time and within budget.

Financing Solutions

In addition to breaking boundaries with state-of-the-art technology, SBM Offshore has taken pioneering steps in the financing of FPSOs.

Read more about how our  innovative financial solutions provide assurance to our oil and gas clients that we have the ability to finance and the access to funding for any FPSO project.