Renewable Energy

Offshore renewable energy projects require strong offshore experience. SBM Offshore, as market leader in floating offshore solutions, is the natural choice of contractor to deliver proven expertise and a full range of EPCI products to accompany the growth of the energies of the future.


SBM Offshore is building extensively on more than a decade of offshore renewable energy development by our Technology group.

Our Renewable Energy Product Line is focused on developing innovative solutions backed up by the reliability that only an experienced player in the offshore energy market with unrivalled expertize in developing, installing and operating floating solutions can provide.

At present our main focus is on solutions for floating wind and wave energy conversion, whilst also exploring opportunities in tidal energy, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), and energy storage.

Continued population growth and urbanization are expected to bring increased pressure on the Earth’s natural resources and climate. Meeting the world’s future energy needs in a sustainable way will be ever more important, driving strong growth in renewable energy generation.

Within the growing renewable energy market, production is increasingly moving offshore, both in a move to capture better and more abundant energy resources (wind and wave) as well as for social and logistical reasons. Half of the world’s population lives within 60 km from the coastline, making it a natural match for energy supply and demand.


Offshore Wind

SBM Offshore has entered into a technical development collaboration with IFPEN, a leading French research and innovation organization in the field of offshore wind energy, to develop an innovative floating structure for offshore wind turbines.

The collaboration combines strong offshore and wind engineering capabilities to provide an innovative floating system for the economic development of floating wind farms.

The floater solution is light and modular, has low motions and accelerations at nacelle level, and requires no construction or port infrastructure. Easily installable with light and standard means, the floater also has a reduced seabed footprint and is simple to decommission, leading to a competitive cost of energy.

The solution has reached an advanced stage of development. SBM Offshore is targeting floating wind pilot projects, particularly in France, which is taking significant steps to develop the floating wind industry.

SBM Offshore has been selected by EDF Renewables to provide its proprietary floating wind solution (supporting 8 MW wind turbines) for a pilot project to be installed in the Mediterranean Sea. The project is subject to achieving committed financing, which would result in a contract to include engineering, procurement, construction and installation services for three floating systems to be installed offshore France.

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Capitalizing on its hydrodynamics expertise and mooring technology, SBM Offshore has dedicated more than a decade of R&D efforts to a pioneering new generation wave energy convertor system. This marks the first step towards harnessing large scale, commercially-viable wave energy. It moves beyond the barriers inherent in the industry’s conventional wave energy devices, which have met technical and economic limitations.

SBM Offshore’s innovative S3 Wave Energy Convertor features direct energy conversion from waves to electricity by application of Electro Active Polymers. The flexible floater and its mooring system require minimum maintenance and have already been successfully tested in the basin.

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