Professional Development

At SBM Offshore, you are encouraged and supported to reach your true potential. Your career development will be enhanced by our sustainable growth and innovative environment.

We realize that the development of your competencies through general and specific programmes is also crucial to the Company’s business continuity. Consequently, throughout your career, an ever-increasing range of training (both internal and external) will be available to ensure you are ready to deal with fresh challenges. Focus is also placed on providing you with international work experience in our various Execution Centres, shore bases, construction sites and onboard our production units to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge of the company.

We also believe that it is a necessity for our employees to be able to picture themselves as part of our future; this is why, during the annual performance appraisal sessions (just one of our valuable career development tools), emphasis is placed on the purposeful setting of individual development objectives, in line with the overall needs of the company.

At SBM Offshore, our many development initiatives provide employees with multiple exposures to our business and demonstrate the Company’s commitment to identify related possible career steps with a view to securing key roles and competencies.

Our Technology Evolves. Our People too. Join us!