Company Strategy

Our vision is to be a trusted partner, delivering reliable floating production solutions that create value for the Company’s clients, by sustainably and passionately leveraging SBM Offshore’s technology and operating experience.

Our mission is to grow the business in the long-term – both in terms of size and value, within the offshore deepwater oil and gas industry, but also within the Offshore Energy sector at large and possibly even beyond.

To support/sustain our approach to the future, SBM Offshore’s strategy has been defined along three directions, which build upon our experience: Optimize, Transform and Innovate.

Optimize our current business activities – ensuring that operations perform at high safety rates and targeted uptime to provide value to clients, partners and shareholders, while seeking to add value and be more cost effective across the full life cycle. By delivering on target the Company maintains its credibility in the industry. In particular, by optimizing the Company’ assets it can offer clients resourceful solutions.

Transform by bringing to market new, transformative ways of executing the Company’s key products, which overcome the challenges and barriers inherent in this low oil price environment and offering alternative commercial models. One key solution that the Company is confident will transform the industry is its new build Fast4Ward FPSO. By leveraging digital technology SBM Offshore will also optimize the use of data throughout its activities.

Innovate as SBM Offshore’s reputation rests on the strength of its pioneering technology track record. Many of its technologies have broken down previous barriers in the industry. The Company aims to continue to invest in developing design solutions by leveraging its technical expertise and experience, particularly in ultra-deep water SBM Offshore is also seeking solutions to meet the evolution in the energy mix in favor of gas and renewables, building on our experience to provide new areas of growth.