Integrity Reporting

SBM Offshore is committed to conducting its business activities in an honest, ethical, respectful, and professional manner. We encourage anyone, whether working for SBM Offshore or not, to speak up about misconduct, possible breaches of our Code of Conduct, or other company policies or procedures, and suspected violations of laws and regulations. If you see something, say something.


Integrity Reporting for employees

SBM Offshore has put into place the  Integrity Reporting Policy to allow SBM employees to follow a clear procedure when they wish to report a suspected violation of the Code of Conduct. As a last resort, a report can be made through the whistle-blowing mechanism called “SBM Offshore Integrity Line” which is operated by an independent third party. More details can be found in the attached document.

Integrity Reporting Policy


Integrity Reporting for third parties

It is the duty of SBM Offshore’s suppliers, contractors and business partners to report any breach of our Code of Conduct, including dishonesty, corruption, fraud, labour and human rights concerns, environmental damage or any other unethical behaviour. Third parties can report breaches of the Code of Conduct or any concern they may have through the usual communication channels. Additionally, SBM Offshore has implemented the SBM Offshore Integrity Line, which is operated by an independent third party, for suppliers and business partners to report any unethical behaviour for investigation. You can make your report anonymously if you prefer and as applicable according to your country’s laws and regulations. Click on the link below to access your country’s access code.

SBM Third Party Line Number