Providing vital rapid response solutions

Our ability to provide emergency interventions and rapid response solutions in case of unforeseen events has strengthened our position as a leader in offshore services.


Playing to our strengths

In recent years we have been called upon to provide quick and efficient emergency intervention and rapid response solutions for clients following accidents, operational incidents or structural failures. This capacity is nothing new – in fact, it forms an integral component in the SBM Offshore offer of regular inspections and comprehensive repair, maintenance and prevention services to clients.

One example from many

During routine FPSO operations an SBM Offshore client’s shuttle tanker accidentally collided with the hose reel located at the FPSO stern, damaging the offloading hose. Fortunately the hose was empty so there was no risk of a spill, but production was halted. The client’s emergency task for contacted us to provide a spare hose reel, but none was immediately available – however, our After-Sales team rose to the challenge by proposing an effective solution utilizing a full replacement offloading hose string, which we procured and delivered ahead of schedule.

We also helped our client to avoid repeat incidents by fabricating and installing a series of stern platforms, specially designed to store all hoses in a catenary when not connected to the shuttle tanker. Just three months after the incident all necessary changes and improvements were completed and production restarted.

Looking ahead

As offshore energy companies continue to push the boundaries, there is no doubt that our ability to respond swiftly to unforeseen events and emergencies, will distinguish us as a leader in our industry. We continue to develop our emergency intervention and rapid response capabilities in line with every new development.