Turret Mooring Systems

SBM Offshore pioneered the turret concept to moor vessel-based FPSOs in the 1980s. Since then we have installed over 50 turrets around the world and we are the recognised leader in complex mooring systems.


Depending on the requirements of the client and the environmental conditions of where the vessel will be located, SBM Offshore provides bespoke internal and external turrets, both of which can be fixed or disconnectable.

External turrets are best suited for mild to medium environments, and hold a moderate number of risers.  Internal turrets provide a better option for harsher environments and allow for the inclusion of a greater amount of risers.  Disconnectable turrets are used in extreme environments, such as locations prevalent to typhoons, hurricanes or severe ice conditions.

Both external disconnectable turrets, Riser Turret Mooring systems (RTM) and internal disconnectable turrets, Buoyant Turret Mooring systems (TBM), were developed to allow for production of reserves in regions prone to severe conditions which might threaten the safe operation of a fixed vessel.  Following disconnection, the vessel sails away, returning and reconnecting to the turret once the climate improves.

The internal turret mooring system for BP’s Skarv FPSO in Norway, which was one of the highest capacity mooring systems ever built, was supplied by SBM Offshore.  This unit was installed in 2011, but will soon be overtaken by an even larger capacity system, Shell’s Prelude FLNG TMS, for which SBM is currently fabricating the turret, and a more complex system, the QUAD 204 TMS for BP, which has already been fabricated by SBM and is now being integrated into the FPSO by BP, with the support of SBM Offshore.

Our key competitive differentiators include our unique bearing technology and our state of the art swivel technology.  Our bearing technology allows for bearings to be adaptable to any diameter and load, and they are fully maintainable in situ offshore.  SBM’s swivel technology ensure that swivels are also fully maintainable in situ offshore.  They are industry leading in terms of the capacity / pressure envelope, and our Very High Pressure Swivel is qualified for 830 bar (1000 bar under testing).

Product innovation:

  • ARCA chain connector – Industry first – diverless (dis)connection of mooring lines
  • Moorspar – Disconnectable mooring system for ultra deep water with multiple risers
  • Swivels – Expanding pressure / capacity envelope to be able to inject into high pressure reservoirs


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