Turret Mooring Systems

SBM Offshore is the recognized market and technology leader for Turrets and Mooring Systems (TMS), having supplied over 100 permanent mooring systems to our clients worldwide over the last six decades. Our designs provide the industry with the complete range and variety of fit-for-purpose solutions from simple to top end mooring systems.

From the seabed to the vessel: SBM Offshore is unique in being the only TMS provider to deliver a full EPCI product lifecycle, from mooring analysis and design, engineering, procurement and construction of turrets including swivels, weathervaning systems, mooring lines and anchors to integration into the hull, offshore installation, inspection, maintenance and change-out programs.

SBM’s unique set of skills not only provides industry-leading expertise in turret systems including installation, but also in FPSO operations. SBM has also developed a recognized expertise in riser system definition including steel riser detailed design.

SBM Offshore’s TMS experience stems from the world’s first CALM system terminal delivered in 1959, and includes a large number of different ‘world first’ mooring systems. This catalogue provides a description of each of SBM Offshore’s permanent mooring systems, illustrating the full range of solutions that SBM Offshore has provided to our clients.