Turret Mooring Systems

SBM Offshore is the recognized market and technology leader of Turret and Mooring Systems (TMS) having supplied over 100 mooring systems, to our clients worldwide, spanning close to 60 years. From the seabed to the vessel: SBM Offshore is unique as the only Turret and Mooring System (TMS) provider to deliver a full EPCI product lifecycle.

The Full TMS Package, from mooring analysis and design, to engineering, procurement and construction of the turret, swivels, weathervaning system, integration, riser technology, mooring lines and anchors, installation, inspection and maintenance, and change-out programs. SBM’s unique set of skills provides industry leading expertise in: mooring analysis, mooring components, turret systems, offshore Installation operations, FPSO operations, and recognized expertise in riser system definition and steel riser detailed design.

Our Turret Mooring Designs provide the industry’s greatest range and variety of mooring solutions from Top End, to Mid-Complexity and Simple Mooring systems.

TOP-END Mooring Solutions

  • Large, highly complex, bespoke turrets and mooring systems offering maximized reliability and production uptime from the Market pioneer
  • Custom designed for Clients requiring the market best – often operating in harsh environments, and presenting challenging technical requirements.
  • Fit for purpose designs using standard components and design philosophies to offer the highest level of functionalities


MID-COMPLEXITY Mooring Solutions

  • “Less is more” philosophy – challenging the need for complexity and maximizing the use of standard components
  • Mid-complexity turrets from the market leader offering streamlined, tried and tested designs for reliable offshore performance.
  • Optimized approach to define pertinent levels of functionality and redundancy, and providing safe reliable cost-effective solutions.


BASIC Mooring Solutions

  • Low Complexity turret and mooring systems from the market leader
  • Taking the best of SBM Offshore’s turret catalogue and track record to offer simple, safe systems
  • Minimizing the impact on the vessel, with practical and cost-effective solutions.


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