Semi-submersibles & TLPs

SBM Offshore provides leading TLP and semi-submersible solutions for offshore deep water field developments. The product line includes the TLP products SeaStar®, FourStar® and FourStar XC, and the semi-submersible products DeepDraft Semi® and FourStar Semi.

The TLP product line provides wet and dry tree solutions up to water depths of 5000 to 6000 feet (1500 to 1800 m) for hurricane and non-hurricane environments.

The DeepDraft Semi® product line includes wet tree solutions for water depths ranging from 3000 feet (900m) to over 10,000 feet (3000m) for hurricane and non-hurricane environments. The first DeepDraft Semi® was installed in 2007, and remains one of the deepest production facilities in the world, at almost 8200 feet (2500m).

The FourStar Semi provides dry tree solutions for water depths starting at 3000 feet (900m) for non-hurricane environments. The focus of the 2012 development is twofold: firstly to expand the applicability of this product line such that it offers a dry tree solution for water depths exceeding 5000 feet (1500m), and secondly to develop our new, optimized, FourStar XC hull as one of the standard hull forms for both TLP and Semi-submersible application.

The development of the DeepDraft Semi® for dry tree application in hurricane conditions will focus on combining the hull response characteristics with the performance of riser tensioners. Tensioner stroke is one of the most dominant design parameters for these types of structures.

The FourStar XC hull form was developed for a Tension Leg Wellhead Platform (TLWP) in non-hurricane conditions. The development of the FourStar XC achieved an optimal balance between hydrodynamics, constructability and operations. The FourStar XC hull is equally adaptable to TLP and semi-submersible applications, provides good scalability and handles the range of environments from hurricane to non-hurricane. The FourStar XC will be further developed in 2012 to become one of the standard hull forms for our future TLP and Semi-submersible applications.

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