LNG Floating Facilities

As a world leader in offshore floating solutions, SBM Offshore offers its expertise to achieve clients’ goals. Our approach is rooted in 20 years of designing, building and operating large offshore gas, LPG, LNG and FLNG projects. Our success rests on combining our capabilities with the experience of selected partners.

SBM Offshore has developed a safe and reliable portfolio of solutions for FLNG facilities. Offering both new-build and conversion concepts for mid-scale FLNG, we enable a highly economical approach for exploiting small- and medium-sized offshore gas fields. To facilitate an integrated, all-round solution for clients, we engage with partners for solutions on FLNG topsides, LNG transport, and grid off-take.

New Build FLNG


SBM started developing the early design for its FLNG in 2008 – complemented by the expertise of its partners. Today’s new-build FLNG design is ideal for small- to mid-scale LNG fields; provides production storage capacity up to 200k m3; is suitable for lean and rich gas streams and all key liquefaction technologies. It reduces life-cycle cost by benefiting from SBM Offshore’s lessons learned and technical standards. It is designed to achieve high production uptime. It can be offered on a turnkey or lease-and-operate basis.

Conversion FLNG


One of SBM Offshore’s conversion solutions is the patented TwinHull™ FLNG concept. This efficient and economical solution is optimized for remote offshore gas fields. Fast-track delivery and earlier access to gas reserves is an advantage compared with a new-build option. The design comprises two LNG tankers converted into a single integrated hull, which allows for greater storage capacity than a single tanker and optimizes deck-space. There is inherent safety in design due to liquefaction technology selection and a best practice approach, which includes a dual nitrogen liquefaction system to avoid the use of flammable material. The TwinHull is suitable for lean gas streams.



SBM Offshore has been considering Floating Power Generation Systems for a number of years and has developed a concept for a ‘LNG to Wire’ facility: LNG2Wire. The aim of LNG2Wire is to produce and supply high-voltage power to the local grid using clean-burning LNG as fuel, made possible as an all-in-one ship-shaped floating facility. LNG2Wire has clear advantages over an onshore plant, offering plug-and-play capabilities, lower costs, a shorter plant deployment schedule and flexibility in relocation, amongst others. LNG2Wire is comprised of a refurbished and converted LNG carrier with regasification and CCGT power generation (250MW to 375MW), which will be moored alongside a jetty or turret moored, close to shore.

LNG Value Chain


Leveraging its track-record, SBM Offshore can offer an all-round proposition to clients in the development and monetization of their offshore gas and FLNG projects. As an experienced and reliable player in the industry combined with our partnerships across the value chain, including our finance partners, we are a project facilitator. We can bring predictability and lower risk to the process.