Unrivalled EPCI and operating experience

Our people have unrivalled experience in the EPCI turnkey delivery and operation of large complex floating production units and can safely and confidently deliver FPU solutions with cost and schedule certainty.

SBM Offshore’s Deep Draft Semi (R) hull design is now well proven in service, after operating on the Independence Hub and Thunder Hawk fields for over 20 years combined, and have proven to be reliable with over 99% uptime.

At the time of installation, Independence Hub set the world record for the deepest semi in the world with an installed water depth of 8,000ft (2440 m).


Meeting market needs 

In 2017/18, SBM Offshore refined its semi design to focus on improvements in cost, schedule and execution flexibility. The self-funded FEED developed with input from major operators resulted in the Fast4Ward™ Next Generation Semi. This solution is designed to be highly flexible for fields ranging from 60 to 120 kbd with varying water depths, pressures and temperatures.

To enable competitive offshore energy across all market cycles, SBM Offshore developed and adopted the FPSO Fast4Ward™ philosophy for the FPU product line. This approach is focused on reducing cycle time to energy delivery, de-risking projects, and improving quality & safety.  The Fast4Ward™ methodology has been used to develop the Next Generation Semi. This solution is the result of a collaborative effort between SBM Offshore, operators, partners, and suppliers.

In conjunction with a wide range of major operators, SBM Offshore established a Basis of Design (BoD) that is closely aligned with a significant number of anticipated future field developments. In addition, the Next Generation Semi is designed to be scalable up to 120,000 BOPD without significant redesign.

Gas processing, water processing, water injection and subsea pumps are also scalable predesigned options that allow for quick topsides and hull sizing.