Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to transform the business by reducing cycle time to energy delivery, de-risking projects and improving quality and safety. Our pioneering Fast4Ward® program provides the industry with a ground-breaking solution for the next generation FPSO.

Fast4Ward® adds value for clients and in particular, improves the economics of deep-water projects, by lowering break-evens.  To achieve this, we have leveraged SBM Offshore’s experience to standardize the design and the execution of projects, facilitating repeatability and the knock-on benefits. In addition, Fast4Ward® incorporates digital solutions and emerging technologies, allowing for continual advancements of our solutions. The Fast4Ward® unique execution model also improves the performance and optimization of our project team resources.

Standardizing the company’s FPSOs provides knock-on savings in the supply chain and construction phases, resulting in a reduction in delivery time – saving up to 12 months on a typical FPSO EPCI schedule. Shorter cycle times mean that financial gains start earlier for operators. Furthermore, standardization results in overall lower CAPEX and better use of time to dedicate to safety and quality related activities.


Fast4Ward™ Driving Principles

The Fast4Ward™ program is built on a number of key principles:

A standard and versatile design

Basic Design Approval has been given by both Bureau Veritas and ABS. The design is optimized for deployment in a wide area from Latin America to West Africa, with the flexibility to be tailored to the specific needs of a project. It consists of a generic new-build hull (the ‘MPF’ for Multi-Purpose Floater) able to accommodate:

  • internal turret, external turret or spread moored configurations.
  • ~50,000 tonnes of operating topsides (subject to field specifics) and future tie-backs.
  • a catalogue of topsides modules for all FPSO systems with a number of different capacities available. The key to an optimal layout is modularization, which allows maximum interchangeability of the modules depending on each project’s needs, without disrupting the overall functionality.
  • the large deck space available on the MPF allows us to lower the module height and reduce the complexity of the topsides substantially.


Technical standards

The design for the Fast4Ward® FPSO is underpinned by SBM Offshore’s Group Technical Standards (GTS). Introduced in 2003, they draw on the expertise and lessons learnt from a delivery portfolio of more than 50 floating production systems and over 320 years of operating experience.


Digitalization is key to Fast4Ward® – It enables even better leverage of experience from operations in our designs and projects. It will contribute further to reduce cycle time and improve safety and operational performance.