SBM Offshore is seeking solutions to reduce flaring on offshore fields. We have joined forces with CompactGTL, cooperating exclusively on offshore projects, to provide a solution using a pioneering new technology to be used on FPSOs, propelling the oil & gas industry into a new era of increased productivity, while leaving the problem of flaring behind.

The GTL modular solution converts the associated gas into synthetic crude oil (syncrude), which can be blended with the natural crude oil cargo produced on the FPSO. A commercial demonstration facility has been in operation onshore in Brazil  for two years for Petrobras.

This optimized FPSO with an integrated GTL plant can be applied to an Early Well Test (EWT) service or on a full field development. This is the only onboard no-flare solution currently available on the market for offshore oil production and eliminates the need for costly gas export or re-injection infrastructure. By combining the world’s leading supplier of FPSOs and the pioneering compact GTL specialist – we bring to the industry an elegant solution for the disposal of associated gas. Together, after four years of collaboration, we have found a way to liberate stranded oil and to develop fields while meeting increasingly higher environmental constraints.

This solution has been “Approved in Principle” by Det Norske Veritas in February 2012.

Key Concept Design Features:

  • An Extended Well Test Facility for a wide range of water depths
  • Ability to quickly relocate from field to field for a program of EWTs
  • Minimise flaring by adopting CompactGTL technology for conversion of all surplus associated gas (after fuel) into Synthetic Crude Oil (syncrude)
  • Maximise integration between CompactGTL  process and the FPSO topsides process, utilities and marine systems for improved operability and Capex / Opex optimisation
  • Reservoir properties based on a wide range of inlet compositions
  • Extendable to full field developments
  • Ideally suited for remote, deep water locations, and typically for fields with low Gas to Oil ratios


Key Facts:

  • 30 – 60,000 bpd oil production
  • Up to 37 MMscfd feed gas to GTL plant
  • 2,300 bpd  synthetic crude oil production
  • 400 bpd NGL Extraction


Contact us at: FPSOgtl [at] sbmoffshore [dot] com

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