Our Operations

SBM Operations is responsible for safely and reliably operating and maintaining floating production and storage facilities around the world. In addition, decommissioning of units is part of our full lifecycle experience.

Our fleet spans the globe from the Caribbean, Brazil, West Africa and Southeast Asia and consists of 15 units in the fleet across the globe:

  • 14 FPSOs
  • 1 Semi-submersible unit


SBM Offshore is committed to delivering consistent and efficient production and performance, while adhering to its sustainable environmental objectives. The expertise and experience of around 2,500 offshore crew and onshore staff ensures value creation through safe and efficient operations of the Company’s offshore fleet.

The company has made significant progress in reducing gas flaring. In 2019, SBM Offshore recorded a 19% reduction in gas flared under company account. This has been achieved through targeted
and measured campaigns between onshore teams and offshore units and the accelerated use of digital and technological solutions.


More than 340 years of cumulative operating experience allow SBM Offshore to continually improve and optimize our product solutions using feedback from our day-to-day operations, which is integrated into the design and operations of new FPSOs and mooring systems.


SBM Offshore is the market leading operator in terms of total oil and gas production per day and the number of cumulative years of operating experience – now at almost 345 years.

In 2019, production uptime was at a six-year high of 99.4%. Historically, uptime of the fleet has been around 99%. In particular, the latest generation ’Generation 3’ fleet of four FPSOs in Brazil’s Santos basin continue to deliver strong performance at nameplate throughout, with an uptime of 99.4%.