Trusting in innovation

The Company maintains a significant Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.  During 2014, the Company has made 20 new patent applications in different countries. 

Our extensive patent portfolio of over 200 patent families covers a wide range of items including FPSO mooring and turret systems, hydrocarbon transfer and processing systems including LNG and gas processing, drilling and riser technologies, and offshore installation.

Our Intellectual Property department protects these crucial but intangible assets by ensuring that our patent policy is legally watertight and consistent. As a result, everyone in SBM Offshore possesses the information they need to make informed decisions about the protection of our commercial and intellectual assets.

Our patents give us leadership in certain areas and help us to attain preferred supplier status. They also protect our investment in research and development and are a source of revenue through licensing agreements with organizations that require access to our knowledge and designs.

SBM Offshore currently holds more intellectual property than ever before – from complete field developments to specific applications or adaptations of proven technologies and materials. Unsurprisingly there are now more IP disputes than ever before, with SBM Offshore and others in our industry susceptible to patent infringements and even industrial espionage. As a business that frequently operates at the cutting edge of technology it is vital that we keep our clients informed about all aspects of IP on every project we undertake to ensure confidentiality and inspire confidence on all sides.