The ARCA Chain Connector wins OTC’s “Spotlight on Technology” award


SBM Offshore is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with the prestigious Spotlight on New Technology award at the 2015 OTC conference in Houston.

The innovative technology for the patented Articulated Rod Connecting Arm (ARCA) Chain Connector represents a major break­through for chain connectors to improve the integrity of mooring lines.  The ARCA provides additional functionality and safety for the chain connector by allowing for diverless connection/disconnection along with the ability to install, inspect and maintain the articulations and at the same time achieve significant cost reductions, realised through a reduced turret diameter.  The ARCA has completed full scale prototype testing with 154 mm chain under 200 tonne pretension.


Further details on the ARCA are provided in the news release.


To view the video of the technology, click here.


ARCA Chain Connector. Credit SBM Offshore

ARCA Chain Connector. Credit SBM Offshore