At SBM, we continuously improve our products, developing new technology to meet the demands of the offshore industry. We lead the industry in R&D investment specifically focussed on ultra-deepwater production, particularly for the challenging fields of Brazil and West Africa, offshore LNG production and Arctic technology.

Deepwater Systems

SBM Offshore develops solutions for ultra-deepwater challenges across our full product range, including FPSOs, semi-submersible platforms and steel risers. Our products operate in water depths close to 2500 meters, already making them some of the deepest production facilities in the world, and we are nearly finished with the Turritella  project, which will bring us close to the 3000 meter production barrier.

FPSO systems

SBM positions itself at the top end of the FPSO market, focussing on the largest and most complex projects in the sector.  We are currently developing two ultra-deepwater FPSO projects for production of pre-salt fields in Brazil. When complete, these will be the largest vessels in SBM Offshore’s fleet in terms of throughput and topsides complexity. Both units will include extensive gas conditioning systems along with large gas compression plants for gas re-injection at very high pressures. We are also developing other complex FPSO concepts, including FPSOs equipped with novel gas to liquids processing technology, and FPSOs for production and processing of ultra-heavy crude oil. The Company expects both of these new FPSO products to have an emerging market in the future.

Offshore floating solutions

SPM Offshore’s Deep Draft Semi (R) hull design is now well proven in service, after operating on the Independence Hub and Thunder Hawk fields for over 20 years combined, and have proven to be reliable with over 99% uptime.  In 2017/18, SBM refined its semi design to focus on improvements in cost, schedule and execution flexibility. The self-funded FEED developed with input from major operators resulted in the Fast4Ward Next Generation Semi. This solution is designed to be highly flexible for fields ranging from 60 to 120 kbd with varying water depths, pressures and temperatures.  Gas topsides are also available.


As a consequence of the trend towards production operations in ultra-deepwater fields and High Pressure/High Temperature fields, there is now greater industry focus on steel riser systems rather than unbonded flexible risers or hybrid riser towers. We have been working to develop the steel-riser solution for larger and more complex turret moored FPSOs to help the industry meet the growing challenges of High Pressure/High Temperature fields in ultra deepwater.

SBM Offshore’s Espirito Santo FPSO is the world’s first turret moored FPSO to be equipped with steel risers. We are now developing an enhanced version of this turret design, with capacity for a greater number of steel risers in ultra deepwater conditions. We have developed and qualified an enhanced connector device to allow the deployment of steel risers without the need for welding offshore, offering considerable benefits in terms of material selection, installation time, and cost.

Offshore LNG

SBM Offshore has been pioneering the development of LNG FPSOs for a number of years. This new technology is now gaining wide acceptance with the first FLNG project sanctioned in 2011. Recently, we completed a full Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for a complex FLNG project in Brazil, working in conjunction with our partners Chiyoda and DSME. SBM Offshore is currently completing a pre-FEED on a second FLNG project, jointly with Linde Engineering and our client PTTEP.

In the future, SBM Offshore will focus mainly on FLNG projects where it can add most value by acting as a main contractor, as it does successfully for the FPSO market. Hence, the primary focus will be on medium sized FLNG projects, up to 2.0 million tonnes per annum capacity, where SBM Offshore can play a leading role in the project.

For the larger FLNG projects, typically 2.5 mtpa and above, SBM will normally not accept a role of main contractor, and will target a lesser scope of work and a risk profile more compatible with its size.

LNG Transfer Systems

Over the past six years SBM has been developing the COOL™ hose LNG transfer system, now fully qualified by two classification societies. The COOL™ hose is the first fully qualified floating LNG hose for cryogenic service. It has already been proposed for use on one FLNG project. The Company received a “Spotlight on New Technology” award at OTC 2011 for this product – one of two awards received by SBM Offshore in 2011 – an outstanding achievement in which it takes great pride.

Arctic Technology

SBM has considerable experience in Arctic production, including the Okha FSO offshore Sakhalin Island, which we operated for 10 years. As interest in production systems for Arctic locations increases, the Company has performed several studies into mooring systems suitable for ice-prone locations, as well as hull design for Arctic climates when subject to ice loads. This work will continue into 2012, to prepare for an emerging market in this region.