The SBM Installer

The SBM Installer (built in 2012) is a Diving Support / multipurpose deep-water light construction vessel. She is an all in one vessel for unrivalled operational flexibility.  Do-it all, efficiency, redundancy, safety and versatility are the prominent qualities.


The SBM Installer is equipped with a conventional air diving system (operated over the starboard side of the vessel) and a saturation diving system which allows work up to 300 m water depth.  The vessel is equipped with a 3-person diving bell and a 12-person capacity saturation diving system (three living chambers).  Each chamber can be pressurized independently allowing several teams to work at different water depth.


The AHV capabilities of the SBM Installer allow her to install mooring systems and hook-up loading and offloading terminals efficiently. The additional upper deck doubles the storage capacity and working area and allows simultaneous operations to take place. This relatively compact vessel remains a light solution considering the variety of construction works she can handle and the range of water depths in which she can operate (up to 3000 m).


Redundancy is compulsory to limit stand-by time and is implemented for the SBM Installer with the DP3 feature, the two Work Class ROVs, a 250 t crane with deep-water lowering means, and overboard sheave block with heave compensation systems.


The additional upper deck allows personnel to work clear from the wires or chains running under tension on the lower / working deck. The DP3 standard for dynamic positioning offers maximum safeguards in marine operations. Safety in design is also enhanced by compliance with latest DNV rules and international rules.

Safety in operations is the main focus of the marine crew and of the experienced offshore work staff provided by SBM Offshore.


The SBM Installer combines the advantages of an AHV, a DSV, and a light construction vessel with an offshore crane and additional upper deck not affected by wire and chain operations, and a working barge offering a flat and versatile upper deck to store and easily mobilize / demobilize all kinds of equipment.

The vessel can therefore perform full field development activities such as:

  • installation of small size mooring systems ;
  • hookup of floating units or loading/offloading terminals;
  • installation of deep-water subsea structures (manifolds, X-mas trees, CDUs, foundations, etc.);
  • installation of flexible flowlines;
  • installation of risers or umbilicals in horizontal mode;
  • installation of electrical cables in horizontal mode;
  • Surface and saturation diving.


The SBM Installer is owned by OS Installer AS, which is a Joint Venture Company of SBM Offshore and Ocean Yield ASA.