Product Life Extension

With over 200 years of cumulative experience in offshore operations, it’s no surprise that SBM Offshore possesses a great deal of knowledge concerning the effects of age on FPSO hulls, moorings and topsides. We use this knowledge to create solutions that effectively extend the operating life of our offshore assets for clients.

Vessel Refurbishment/Relocation

SBM leads the way in FPSO refurbishment and relocation. In fact, we completed the industry’s first FPSO relocation project 18 years ago, when SBM’s FPSO II was relocated from the Cadlao field to the West Linapacan field, offshore Philippines. Since that time there has been a steady rise in the number and complexity of relocation projects being executed, and SBM has been at the forefront of this activity.

Having worked on a range of FPSO relocations, we have a unique understanding of the key factors involved in this type of project, and of the skills and methodologies required. Our expertise allows us to assess the demands of relocation on the mooring system, production facilities and hull. Our engineering and project management expertise, combined with the in-house knowledge of the historical performance and condition of our FPSOs, allows us to quickly determine the suitability of an FPSO for relocation to a new field, to reliably determine the scope of work required, and to select the optimum execution strategy. Our execution strategies for relocation projects allow for very tight control over scheduling which has allowed us to complete some relocations in as little as 4 months, even with topsides upgrades.


SBM Offshore takes pride in having a proactive relationship with our clients. We strive to accompany them through the entire product life cycle with the support of our After Sales services. When required, we can also provide rapid response solutions to address our client’s urgent needs. These one-off, fast track interventions are naturally complimented by comprehensive IRM (inspection, repair and maintenance) programmes which we have been providing industry wide for many years.