Our supply chain is completely integrated with our global project teams around the world to ensure that we fully serve the needs of our clients.

Given the growing complexity of our FPSOs and our ever changing business needs, our procurement team is focused on delivering consistent quality while continually concentrating on cost efficiency, business integrity and sustainability.

SBM is also leading the trend in local procurement in our key markets. In fact during the development of FPSO P-57, SBM Offshore achieved a level of local content surpassing 65%, a first for a contractor-supplied unit in Brazil. To do so, SBM Offshore developed relationships with an extensive list of Brazilian subcontractors, resulting in a substantial amount of local contracts going to Brazilian suppliers and over 5 million local manhours logged on the project. For our Brazil-destined facilities, it’s our strategy to prioritize the procurement of goods and services within Brazil in order to contribute to the expansion of domestic industries.