Operations in Brazil

Fully dedicated to the Brazilian Oil and Gas market, SBM Offshore has now strengthened its capacity for project execution locally by investing in the project office in Rio de Janeiro and a new construction yard near Rio de Janeiro.

A long track record in Brazil

Since the provision of the first CALM system for the Brazilian market in 1970 SBM Offshore has developed an impressive track record of successful projects ranging from loading & offloading terminals, turret mooring systems to complete FPSO units. Over the last 15 years SBM Offshore has delivered eight FPSOs.

Until 2008, our operations in one of the world’s fastest growing economies was comprised of two shore bases in Macaé and Vitória, from which we successfully operated seven FPSO units, achieving an average uptime of 99%. Over the same period, we achieved steady increases in the number of national employees working with SBM Offshore and contracts with local suppliers.

In 2008 we opened an office in Rio de Janeiro in order to build our presence in Brazil.

A local engineering team provides optimal technical support for projects executed in Brazil, participating in ambitious R&D programs. Feed-back from the different project phases (including procurement, construction, installation and operation) are fed back into the Corporate Engineering Standards.

In order to meet the ever-changing demands of the local market, centers of expertise have been created for logistics services, supply chain management, regulatory compliance and construction management & supervision.

Working closely with the local supplier market, the Rio office is taking the lead to develop and implement innovative Local Content strategies whereby competitive and sustainable solutions are being developed. Partnerships between recognized technology providers and local companies are actively promoted.

Recognizing Brazil as a major market, SBM Offshore is dedicated and committed to further expand the existing relationships with clients, suppliers, service providers, institutions and authorities.