SBM Offshore operates the largest worldwide fleet of floating production and storage vessels. Our fleet of 14 vessels spans the globe from the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the North Sea, West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Our over 250 years of cumulative operating experience allows SBM Offshore to continually improve our product offering; feedback from our day to day operations is integrated into the design of new FPSOs and mooring systems. This represents a unique competitive advantage for SBM Offshore where our participation in one part of the product life cycle allows us to deliver superior results in another part of the product life cycle.

Over time, this constant feedback loop has resulted strong performance results. Throughout last year, SBM achieved an average production uptime across the fleet of 99.1%. We completed over 6,000 offloading procedures and produced over 4 billion barrels of oil equivalent. In fact, SBM Offshore has now reached over 1 million barrels per day of throughput across our fleet – a major milestone.