Full Product Lifecycle

SBM Offshore supplies floating production solutions for the full product lifecycle with several distinct phases:

1) Engineering and design phase: engineering teams develop procedures and techniques for analysis and design of systems through all stages of projects from concept to delivery, with safety as an inherent part of the design. This phase often leads to technology innovation. In addition, the Company has the in-house capability for conceptual studies, basic design and detailed design.

2) Construction phase: Main activities related to procurement, construction and offshore commissioning of the Floating Production Systems (mainly FPSOs) and mooring systems in preparation for oil and gas production.

3) Installation phase: SBM Offshore has the in-house means to install complete FPSOs and although subsea installation activities are not among its key product portfolio offering, the Company’s dedicated installation vessels have the capability.

4) Operations phase: SBM Offshore operates the process plant offshore and produces oil and gas for its client and offloads it to shuttle tankers.

5) Decommissioning phase: The end of life-cycle when the facilities need to be retired. Once decommissioned, the vessel can be sold for green recycling.