Sustainability is a key topic for SBM Offshore; it contributes to the Company’s vision to provide Safe, Sustainable and Affordable Energy. Sustainability objectives are integrated in the core of the Company and aimed at creating value for SBM Offshore’s stakeholders to provide context for SBM Offshore’s targets and performance, SBM Offshore leverages the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. The Company identified seven SDGs that are most material to its business.

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Lifecycle Approach

SBM Offshore’s ambition is to integrate sustainability in every step of the long lifecycle of our projects – from new technological development to the recycling phase. Please visit our Investor relations section with latest updates on Sustainability performance.



SBM Offshore provides products with high integrity over their full lifetime, which can in some cases extend over decades. At the end of each product’s lifetime, they are recycled to high standards. Commitments on this are explained in the Recycling Policy Directive.


Supply Chain Engagement

Embedded in the contractual agreement signed by every supplier is a commitment to adhere to the SBM Offshore Code of Conduct or similar code. These codes cover Human Rights issues as formulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights continuous improvement programs. Signature of the Supply Chain Charter as part of the supplier qualification process is an indicator of commitment to meet Human Rights standards among others. In cases where a supplier does not sign the Charter, it is considered a red flag and further investigation and clarification is required before the supplier will qualify.

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