Regulation for the SB committees

The Supervisory Board has established three key committees in accordance with the Code. The composition of the committees are set out below, and respective committee rules are attached:

Audit and Finance Committee

The Audit and Finance Committee’s members are:

  • F.R. Gugen, chairman
  • S. Hepkema
  • J.N. van Wiechen


Audit and Finance Committee 25 Kb

Appointment and Remuneration Committee

The Appointment and Remuneration Committee’s members are:

  • R.IJ. Baan, chairman selection and appointments
  • C.D. Richard, chairman remuneration
  • S. Hepkema


Appointment and Remuneration Committee 27 Kb

Technical and Commercial Committee

The Technical and Commercial Committee’s members are:

  • J.N. van Wiechen (Chairman)
  • I. Arntsen
  • B.Bajolet


Technical and Commercial Committee 21 Kb