Leveraging floating offshore expertise to deploy Carbon Capture Storage to reduce CO2 emissions

April 9, 2021

SBM Offshore is committed to playing a key role in supporting the energy transition by both investing in renewable energy solutions and innovating to develop cleaner forms of fossil energy. We are tackling this challenge through a number of initiatives, such as our emissionZEROTM program, and we are delighted to share another great example of our commitment; our current project with Carbon Collectors. This project, undertaken in conjunction with Imodco, part of the SBM Offshore Group, recently received Approval in Principle (AiP) from Bureau Veritas. The project uses Imodco’s Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) Tower Loading Unit (TLU) and will be deployed by Carbon Collectors, a company experienced in the solutions to safely collect, transport and store CO2.

Through this project, SBM Offshore will contribute to the collection and storage of CO2, safely in depleted offshore gas fields in the North Sea, addressing CO2 emissions and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Practically speaking, the TLU functions as an interface between a transportation barge and the offshore gas field where the CO2 is injected and stored. The TLU has a capacity to handle 1.5 MTPA of CO2. Recently, the project received an Approval in Principle from Bureau Veritas for the CO2 barge-push tug combination including the TLU. This approval confirms that the project meets internationally-recognized rules and regulations and, importantly, confirms that the associated technologies including the TLU, are ready to be formally deployed as part of offshore CCS initiatives. Through this initiative, we at SBM Offshore are proud to help mitigate global emissions and play our role in addressing climate change.