Spotlight on safety with Life Day

Our number one priority is to ensure the safety of our people 365 days a year. The climax of our HSSE programme is Life Day when all employees worldwide and our partners at the yards stand down and engage on this vital subject.

May 17, 2018

When SBMers get together for their annual special focus on safety it involves plenty of smiling and fun as well as thought-provoking workshops, lessons learnt and a renewed, collective promise to take care of our colleagues, our vessels and the environment. At the core is the serious commitment to protecting life. It is a unique opportunity to meet, discuss, and share one’s experiences so that all can discover and learn.


Photo credit Charly Gallo

Photo credit Ivan Blanco

Celebrated in more than 40 locations worldwide, this year’s edition of ‘Life Day’ held in May 2018, built on the strong foundations in place since its inauguration five years ago. It now includes other disciplines such as Process Safety Management (PSM), quality, sustainability and Regulatory Management as part of growing it into a multidisciplinary approach.

Life Day is part of the company’s ‘Life 365’ programme to increase awareness of health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) issues across the SBM community, including other players such as our vendors and community stakeholders. The success of the event is down to SBMers enthusiastically embracing a discipline, which is central to our company’s activities every second of every day.


Bruno Chabas, CEO captured the moment “I want to thank all participants including our clients and partners for your involvement in Life Day 2018. I personally enjoyed the day very much and as always benefitted from important input and face-to-face time. It’s rewarding to see how keen SBMers are to engage with our ultimate goal: protecting life.”