Prelude FLNG turret designed by SBM Offshore fully operational

July 16, 2019

Congratulations to Shell on its achievement of first shipment of liquefied natural gas, which sailed from the Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility on June 11, 2019.

SBM Offshore designed and built the turret and mooring system, which ensures that Prelude can operate safely in the most extreme weather conditions.

See announcement by Shell


Editor’s notes:

  • The turret runs through the front of the facility and connects to chains that keep it moored securely over the Prelude gas field.
  • At 93 metres (305 feet), the turret runs through the facility, secured to the seabed by mooring lines.
  • Safety in design: with the turret, Prelude is designed to withstand a 1-in-10,000-year storm.
  • Prelude FLNG is moored in the Browse 475km north-north east of Broome in Western Australia, in about 250 metres of water and will operate for around 25 years.
  • Dimensions of Prelude FLNG: 488m length, 74m width and 93m height (top of the turret)


About SBM Offshore:

  • SBM Offshore is the recognized market and technology leader for Turrets and Mooring Systems (TMS), having supplied over 100 permanent mooring systems to our clients worldwide over the last six decades. Our designs provide the industry with the complete range and variety of fit-for-purpose solutions from simple to top end mooring systems. SBM Offshore is unique in being the only Turret and Mooring Systems provider to deliver a full EPCI product lifecycle, from mooring analysis and design, to engineering, procurement and construction of turrets, including swivels, weathervaning systems, mooring lines and anchors to integration into the hull, offshore installation, inspection, maintenance and change-out programs.