Our Vision for the future

February 6, 2019

The world is changing – and we at SBM Offshore appreciate that we must change with it. At SBM Offshore, we have a strong track record in enabling ocean-based energy production. Now, we are looking towards the future of energy and our role in facilitating that future.

We believe the oceans will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come. This is our vision and we are committed to using our skills and experience to make that vision a reality.

SBM Offshore has summed up the spirit of our vision for the future in two words – ENERGY. COMMITTED. This is our new tagline and we believe that it encapsulates who we are and what we want to achieve.

SBM Offshore recognizes the energy challenges that the world is facing today. The growth in global population, coupled with increasing prosperity across the world, is leading towards a higher demand for energy. We need to accommodate this rising demand and, at the same time, facilitate the energy transition towards more renewables, faster growth in gas and reduced oil consumption.

With the global demographics increasingly shifting towards big cities close to the shoreline, the oceans are the natural solution to the energy challenge. This is how SBM Offshore can play its part.

Our vision recognizes these trends and builds on our decades of experience. We are the deep-water specialists. We optimize, transform and innovate to keep ourselves at the cutting-edge of our industry. As the trusted partner of energy providers, we help our customers to make the most of conventional energy sources, as well as to develop new and sustainable ways of producing energy.

We see it as our duty to use our unparalleled experience as a driving force in the energy transition. We are #ENERGYCOMMITTED

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