Life Day is celebrated at SBM Offshore

Every second of every day, 365 days per year we protect life.

June 12, 2019

What better way to demonstrate commitment to the health and safety of employees than to dedicate an entire day to these vital topics? Known at SBM Offshore as ‘Life Day’ – it is when all employees take the time to engage with our HSSE specialists and reconnect with the elements of our year-round program LIFE365.

This year on June 12th our worldwide community took time out of regular activities by ‘standing down’ from work in the shipyards, offshore on our vessels and at our shore bases and office locations, to dedicate time to celebrate our safety culture. Every year employees acquire new knowledge through the various workshops and share experiences, while learning from each other, with the aim of protecting life. The day is an important reminder of just how much HSSE, together with Process Safety Management, Sustainability and Quality, are the corner stones in our Company and in our everyday lives as SBMers. This year’s theme was ‘choice’. Every day, hundreds of choices are made that determine whether we are acting safely, reducing our impact on the environment or caring for the health and wellbeing of our colleagues.

Erik van Kuijk, Group HSSE Director who spent Life Day with our colleagues in Guyana commented,

“I thank all SBMers, as well as our participating sub-contractors, clients and stakeholders for making this year’s Life Day a success. Each day we collectively reinforce our culture towards a safer and a more sustainable future. Throughout the year with our LIFE365 program, we are engaged to protect life every second of every day, everywhere we operate, 365 days per year. Life Day allows us to channel our energy to improve. We continue to be guided by our core Values including ‘Care’ and we continue to increase our efforts and leadership as we strive to achieve our goal of ‘no harm’.”