A look inside our product lifecycle

May 30, 2019

SBM Offshore is unique in offering floating offshore energy solutions across the full product lifecycle, from the engineering design to offshore operations and to the end of the design life of a vessel. This includes selling the vessel for green recycling once it has been decommissioned. Oivind Tangen, Managing Director of Operations, explains this phase and the role of the yard in green recycling.

SBM Offshore is committed to doing business in a sustainable and ethical manner at all times to benefit our stakeholders and society, in general. Yards used must be in line with SBM Offshore’s sustainable green ship recycling policy and vetted by a reputable classification society, such as Class NK, as being compliant with the Hong Kong International Convention (HKC) for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships.

SBM Offshore’s latest recycling project was the FSO Yetagun, which recently successfully completed its green recycling at a HKC-compliant yard in India.