Clients expect the highest level of productivity from our FPSOs and other floating production units. SBM Offshore’s dedicated teams around the world ensure that their objectives are met. With almost 300 years of accumulated experience in offshore operations, the Company’s vision is to continue to provide customer orientated solutions and to ensure reliable operations.


In 2016 SBM Offshore successfully increased the total production capacity for the FPUs that it operates. Additional throughput, compared to the previous year, was due to the addition of three FPSOs to the fleet, representing a major step up in the daily production volume managed by Operations teams.

The three units represent an increase of 25% to SBM Offshore’s fleet oil production capacity, bringing it to a total of 1,600,000 bopd. This achievement confirms SBM Offshore’s capability to leverage its experience, integrating three state-of-the-art units with record-breaking technology in the same year, without impacting performance of ongoing operations for the rest of the fleet.

3 First Oils in 2016

Such a leap is rare in the industry. Specifically the two new Brazilian FPSOs Cidade de Saquarema and Cidade de Maricá were integrated seamlessly into SBM Offshore’s existing operations at its shorebase office at Santos and quickly increased production after first oil in July and February 2016 respectively. Learnings gained from the previous start-ups in-country were of great benefit and helped the Company to set a new benchmark for efficiency in offshore commissioning and start-up on new units. The team in Houston are progressing through the well unloading and production ramp up of the FPSO Turritella in close cooperation with the client.

Turritella is the latest FPSO to join the fleet in September 2016 and represents a broadening of the portfolio for Operations as the unit is the Company’s first FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico. The FPSO breaks the industry record for being the deepest FPU and it has the largest disconnectable turret designed to date. SBM Offshore is building on the vast expertise it has in deep water and its know-how on complex turret mooring systems.

2016 Year-end at a glance

  • 4.9 billion barrels cumulated production by December 31
  • 8,143 cumulated offloads
  • 287 cumulative years of operational experience
  • 3 FPSOs added to the fleet


Full fleet

SBM Offshore is responsible for the operations of 16 units and the maintenance of all 18 units in the lease fleet across the globe consisting of:

  • 14 FPSOs
  • 2 FSOs
  • 1 MOPU
  • 1 Semi-submersible unit

SBM Offshore - Oil capacity

Brazil accounts for an increasingly large share of the Company’s fleet operations with two additional units coming online in 2016, bringing to a total of 7 FPSOs offshore Brazil with a production capacity of 870,000 bopd. Combined operations offshore African countries follow in second place, with a capacity of 495,000 bopd. 

Men at work on the FPSO Espirito Santo


SBM Offshore either builds the vessels for outright sale as a turnkey project or for long-term lease. The lease option offers clients a cost effective and flexible way to produce their reservoirs and allows them to benefit from the company’s almost 300 contract years of operating experience. Additionally, leasing saves the client the capital expenditures related to the vessel’s construction, as it remains under SBM Offshore ownership or part ownership.


It is SBM Offshore’s top priority to ensure the Health, Safety and Security (HSS) of its employees, subcontractors and assets. The Company embraces its ‘Duty of Care’ regarding all HSS matters by adhering to industry best practices. In 2016, SBM Offshore continued to expand its initiatives around health, safety and security and undertook its annual, Company-wide Life Day on the theme: Value Tomorrow, Care Today.  In addition,  the roll out of the Safety Leadership Program ‘Make the Difference’ to all five Regional Centers was completed and the safety culture journey strengthened. Also, working closely with clients facilitated a powerful synergy on safety.

The Company’s overall objective is to offer an incident-free workplace and minimize the risks to the health and safety of all its personnel. The HSSE policy (also covering the environment), procedures and controls are designed to achieve the company’s objectives by providing an appropriate level of protection wherever SBM Offshore operates in the world.

SBM Operations on 24/7 safe performance offshore
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