Shell and SBM Offshore were presented the OTC 2018 Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of the successful development of the world’s deepest oil and gas project, the Stones field, using a leased FPSO, designed by SBM Offshore in collaboration with Shell. Chief Strategy Officer Stein Rasmussen accepted the award on behalf of SBM Offshore.


The pioneering Turret Mooring System (TMS) for the FPSO Turritella represents a step change for the industry and cements SBM Offshore’s reputation as the leader in turret mooring systems, leveraging over 60 years of experience. Pushing the boundaries of mooring technologies, the TMS has resulted in two new world records for FPSO Turritella as:

– The world’s deepest floating oil and gas production system at 9,500ft (2,900m).

– The first use of steel lazy wave risers on a disconnectable Turret Mooring System.

Watch the video and read more details on the Stones TMS.





SBM Offshore wins OTC 2017 ‘Spotlight on New Technology’ award for FPSO Turritella’s innovative TMS



For over 60 years since its foundation in 1959, SBM Offshore has had a history of Innovation, leading it to constantly evolve according to the industry’s needs, developing a wide range of new products for Mooring Systems, FPSOs, FPUs, FGS and more recently for Renewables Energy.

The success of SBM Offshore’s Technology Development rests in its ability to identify technology gaps arising from new trends in our industry, and fill these gaps with effective new solutions, by leveraging our extensive experience. Thanks to regular interactive and informative sessions with clients, SBM Offshore leverages this valuable feedback, so enabling alignment with their current and future needs.





To reduce risks to project costs, schedule, performance and safety, all new technology is submitted to a rigorous process to ensure that our products are matured before being applied on a project.

SBM’s Technology Development activities are decentralized to five different centres of excellence including a dedicated in-house laboratory for prototype development and testing.

Technology Development is the core of our activity through which tomorrow’s market needs are identified and so give our company strategic directions to follow.