Webcasts and Conference Calls

First Quarter 2021 Trading Update Conference Call

SBM Offshore has scheduled a conference call, which will be followed by a Q&A session, to discuss the First Quarter 2021 Trading Update.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 12 at 10.00 AM (CEST) and will be hosted by Mr. Bruno Chabas (CEO), Mr. Douglas Wood (CFO), Mr. Philippe Barril (COO) and Mr. Erik Lagendijk (CGCO).

Interested parties are invited to register prior to the call using the link: https://www.kpneventcall.nl/EventRegistration/6e5808a0-6b80-4b69-be24-ed0872382e3b

Please note that the conference call can only be accessed with a personal identification code, which is sent to you by email after completion of the registration.

The First Quarter 2021 Trading Update press release will be published Wednesday, May 12 at 07.00 AM (CEST).