Shareholder Communication

SBM Offshore maintains open and active engagement with its investors and sell-side analysts. The Company aims to provide the financial markets, its investors and the sell-side analysts with timely, consistent and accurate information. Information is provided, among other means, through press releases, webcasts, conference calls, investor conferences, meetings with investors and analysts and the Company website. The Company website provides an updated source of information about the core activities and latest developments. Press releases and Company presentations can be found under the Investor Relations Center section of the website.

The Company releases audited full-year earnings results and unaudited half-year earnings results,  within sixty days after the close of the reporting period. For the first and third quarter, the Company publishes a trading update which includes Company news and financial highlights. The Company conducts a conference call for all earnings releases and trading updates during which the Management presents the results and answers questions. Generally, the Company combines  the main earnings updates with roadshows during which (prospective) investors and sell-side analysts have the opportunity to meet and engage with SBM Offshore’s management.

In addition to the meetings following  the earnings updates, the company arranges or accepts individual or group meetings  with investors and sell-side analysts on an ad-hoc  basis.  Depending on investors’ policies, sell-side analysts are allowed to attend meetings with (prospective) investors and Company management. The Company initiates contact if and when deemed appropriate and responds to inbound questions and requests from investors and sell-side analysts. The Company strictly follows applicable rules and regulations regarding Company disclosures. The Company facilitates interaction throughout the whole year, except during closed periods in which the Company in principle does not host any meetings.