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Articles of Association  Dutch  1000 07/04/16
Articles of Association  English  1000 07/04/16


AFM (Authority for the financial markets)

The AFM is responsible for regulating behavior on the financial markets in the Netherlands. Relevant provisions of Company Law and Securities Law which are applicable to the Company are published on the AFM website.

Closed periods

The periods during which Directors, SBM Offshore Executives and Designated SBM Offshore Employees (as defined in the “SBM Offshore Rules of Conduct regarding Inside Information”) may not execute any transactions in SBM Offshore Financial Instruments are:


Closed Periods 2020/2021


To (inclusive)

11 December 2020 10 February 2021 Full-Year 2020 Results
12 April 2021 11 May 2021 2021 First Quarter Trading Update
6 July 2021 4 August 2021 Half-Year 2021 Results
12 October 2021 10 November 2021 2021 Third Quarter Trading Update


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