Company Strategy

Our vision is to be the trusted partner of choice in the development of complete floating production solutions for the world’s energy companies.

SBM has recently undergone organisational changes to focus on our core capabilities and core products: the lease or sale of FPSOs and related services and products.

To maintain the supply of oil and gas, our clients are exploring and developing new fields in more remote deepwater locations where FPSOs are the preferred production method. The demand for FPSOs has therefore grown and is reflected in SBM’s IFRS order book.

Our clients are increasingly demanding larger, more complex production facilities very often constructed and operated with an increasing emphasis on local content. We have refocused our organisation to meet these challenges. Our new structure seeks to align five new execution centres and ensure they have full responsibility and accountability for their individual performance and for delivering improvements in project management and execution.

The increasing size and complexity of FPSOs underpins demand for SBM’s technical expertise and has led us to forge new strategic partnerships to help finance the continuing growth of our lease fleet, and to develop the local content component of FPSO projects.