SBM Sustainability icon approved

Sustainable Business is an important value driver for SBM Offshore’s business and operations.

SBM Offshore believes in doing business that benefits clients, employees, shareholders, partners and society in general. SBM Offshore considers this to be fundamental.

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The Company aims to be the industry frontrunner on Sustainability as reflected in the Company’s vision. To achieve this ambition, SBM Offshore continuously strives to promote sustainability awareness, develop talent within the company and incorporate ethics and integrity in all its activities.

Embedding sustainability as a way of working at SBM Offshore is founded on continuous engagement with its employees. Reporting on successful sustainable initiatives, charity projects and donations will improve awareness and further encourage engagement.


Sustainability Framework

At SBM Offshore, the overall sustainability performance consists of activities under the License to Operate and License to Grow, with long-term initiatives differentiating the Company, securing its future growth and illustrating its commitment to sustainability. The License to Grow themes and objectives reflect the focus of SBM Offshore’s Sustainability strategy to achieve value creation and is material for the Company.