Stock Information

Information on SBM Offshore shares


The shares of SBM Offshore N.V. have been listed on the stock exchange of Amsterdam since October 11, 1965 originally under the name IHC Holland and later as IHC Caland. The shares are currently included in the AEX index of Euronext Amsterdam.

Options on Company shares have been traded since July 7, 1993 on the Euronext Amsterdam Derivative Markets.

The total number of ordinary shares in SBM Offshore have shown the following movements since year-end 2015:

Balance 6 July 2016 213,471,305
Balance 1 July 2016 212,475,986
Balance 9 March 2016 212,173,814
Balance 22 February 2016 211,800,521
Balance 31 December 2015 211,694,950